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Lignea BSS 200 / BSS 201

Brazilian Ministry of Health Registration no. 10324290025
INMETRO/NCC Certificate no. 13.1482


Lignea BSS 200EASE

Easily operated, 12S PRO allows the user to program the infusion rate in volume x time or in units of mass: mg/h, mcg/h, mg/kg/h, mcg/kg/h, mg/kg/min, mcg/kg/min, allowing programming also drug concentration and patient weight.

Its broad menu of parameters and functions enables configurations from simple to sophisticated.

Like all BIOSENSOR products, this syringe pump was also manufactured under rigorous quality standard in the area of SECURITY and is certified by INMETRO.

It has a detector that identifies the size and brand of the syringe already registered, avoiding errors in programming, which configures it like a highly reliable product.

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