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Syringe and Infusion Pumps

Because the device is highly important to hospitals, BISENSOR, through studies and research, dedicates to the preparation of its Pumps.

Always supported by the Security – Accuracy – Convenience tripod, which the company does not give up, BIOSENSOR devices have what is best for the patient.

Another strength is the flexibility of the pumps, which are intelligent, programmed to accept and adapt to various brands of IV Sets in the market, generating greater savings without losing performance.
Although it is a requirement and in the case of BIOSENSOR, part of the company's philosophy, all devices are certified by INMETRO and meets the highest standards.

Check out the models available and their differentials:

FlexPump BSV 700
Uniset BSV 2000
Lignea BSS 100 / BSS 101
Lignea BSS 200 / BSS 201
Lignea BSS 400 / BSS 401
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