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Uniset BSV 2000

Brazilian Ministry of Health Registration no. 10324290013
INMETRO/NCC Certificate no. 13.1481

Uniset BSV 2000Following the quality standard and meeting the needs and expectations in the market, BIOSENSOR conceived and launched infusion pump UNISET BSV 2000, without giving up offering the best cost/benefit ratio, with complete guarantee.

In addition to being programmed to perfectly accept various types and/or brands of IV Sets available in the market, UNISET BSV 2000 has an extremely simple use.

Equipped with audible and visual alarms powered by Open door, Occlusion, lack of liquid, free flow, air in line, end of infusion, low battery, pump failure, improper installation or programming and malfunctioning, UNISET BSV 2000 is extremely safe and offers peace of mind to the user.

Like all products biosensor, this infusion pump was also manufactured within a strict quality standard in terms of security and is certified by INMETRO.

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